Before moving a new town, the most logical route of action to take would be to first assess a city’s liveability. How livable a city is can be determined by an array of different qualities which range from demographics to the state of the local economy to the amenities the city offers. Obviously, depending on the family, one characteristic can take priority over another. Needless to say, liveability is key in deciding whether or not a city is the right fit for you and your family.

In 2016, the Economist had determined that Toronto, Canada’s most populous city, was among one of the world’s most liveable cities. With a population of approximately 2,731,571 people, Toronto has emerged as a global city and an international center of business, finance, arts, and culture.

In addition to standing as an international financial center, Toronto has been established as Canada’s financial capital. Though the city’s cost of living is increasing, so are the economic opportunities, especially for those who are interested in business and finance. Toronto employs about 220,000 people in its finance sector, and if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, it’s helpful to know that Toronto is also home to some of Canada’s biggest pharmaceutical, international research, and technology companies. Toronto is also known for being start up-friendly,

Some other impressive feats that Toronto has accomplished include: employing 36,000 people in various sustainability-related sectors to maintain the city’s commitment to the environment, hosting North America’s second largest fashion week (after New York City), and housing the second largest number of biotechnology companies in the world.

This city has a ton to offer potential residents; however, if you still aren’t convinced, that’s perfectly fine. Keep reading on to see our top 5 reasons why you should move to Toronto.

Toronto is a safe place to raise your family
In 2015, Toronto was named “North America’s Safest City,” by the Economist. It was also ranked the eighth safest city in the world. Now, this isn’t to say that Toronto is exempt from all crime that typically occur in large cities; however, given its size and the fact that it was ranked #1 in the continent, we’d say that Toronto is fairly safe.

Toronto is home to plenty of high-quality schools that will suit the needs of your children. Unless you’re enrolling your child in a private institution, school is free and many public institutions in Toronto offer children various multi-curricular programs that can help prepare your child for college. According to a National Household Survey conducted in 2011, Toronto residents have high levels of education attainment than other Canadians. The year this survey was taken, it was reported that a larger percentage of children, a 19.7% difference, attended school than the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Ontario, and even Canada. Additionally, approximately 33% of all people living in Toronto older than 15 years old hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Toronto prides itself on being the most diverse city in the world
It’s already been established that Toronto is an international center of culture, and it’s not secret that the more diverse a community is, the richer it becomes. With about half of Toronto’s population having been born outside the city and with 140 different languages spoken around town, it’s safe to say that Toronto is filled to the brim with character. Because Toronto is home to so many different groups of people, neighborhoods like one of the six Chinatowns, Koreatown, Little India, Little Italy, and Greektown exist and are thriving. This particular factor brings us to our next point.

There are a ton of neighborhoods to move to
Thanks to Toronto’s diverse population, neighborhoods are equally as diverse and there are plenty to choose between. The city of Toronto recognizes 140 neighborhoods, though it is said that there are up to 240, if you were to count unofficial communities. Pair this with the cost of living, which is increasing but still not as expensive as other cities, and Toronto will emerge as your next home.

You won’t ever be bored living here
Toronto hosts plenty of world-class events and festivals, and even when there isn’t an event happening, there’s always something to do. Living in Toronto means that you’ll have access to extraordinary sights. Some examples include the beautiful Toronto Islands, where residents and tourists alike comes to enjoy the island’s network of bike trails, and the stunning beaches that stretch for miles around the island, and the Distillery Historic District, which is a 13-acre area full of artisan shops, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, and performance venues. Other popular destinations include the Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum, Toronto Botanical Garden, the Ontario Science Centre, and Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. Either way, living in Toronto means that you’ll have access to all these marvelous and festive spots year round.