No long term agreement with clients?

As required by RECO we have to sign Buyer Representation Agreement (BRA) as a service agreement between the brokerage and the client upfront to outlines scope of services and the Cash-back rebate details, however unlike other Realtors we do not force the client to sign long term agreement and accept [...]

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What is VIP-Unlimited Showing?

This service is just like the traditional service provided by others brokerages and Realtors to the buyers in the market, no limitation on number of showings. We understanding some buyers prefer to do the regular way and rebate is not important for them.

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Why we do it?

Because we listen to our clients, in fact 6 out of 10 clients we meet are looking for Cash-back rebate to help them with increasing cost of purchasing property, and it’s happening in the market but no one advertise it. We are fully transparent about the entire process. Click here [...]

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How Cash Back Rebate works in Real Estate?

To simplify how Cash-back Rebate works for buyers client, let’s go through this scenario: You submitted an offer on a property was listed for $500,000 through one of the PPS Realty Realtors. The seller/ listing Brokerage offered a commission of 2.5% of the selling price which is $12,500, and let’s [...]

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