THORNHILL, Ontario, May 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pay Per Service Realty, a modern real estate brokerage based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), has revealed that it will henceforth offer clients a unique and innovative buyer service rebate package, in order to help them deal with uncertainty in the GTA real estate market. Announcing the move, Vice President of the brokerage, Ali Salarian stated that the new package is intended to help buyers deal with ongoing price hikes.

The service makes use of a dynamic scale of rebate for buyer’s clients. Clients can thus make substantial savings on commissions based on selling prices. There are three distinct service options for the buyer’s client to select from under the new arrangement. The first option is the pay-as-you-go option, where the buyer’s client can earn the entire buying commission back. This commission typically is between 2.0-2.5% in the GTA market, and the buyer’s client is required to purchase a prepaid buying package e.g. $1800.

The second option is the 50% rebate option which is an upgrade of the first option. In this option, the service provided is limited. The third option is the VIP service option with unlimited services, and full return of any amount paid by first option at closing. Clients may switch directly from pay as you go to VIP service without needing to try the 50% rebate option. The brokerage has also extended its solutions to include sellers by providing a flat fee listing service, and a free listing option if they want to buy new property immediately or in the near future and also clients can as well choose any of the aforementioned services separately without necessarily going through all the options.

Speaking about the service, Mr. Salarian remarked,

“Industry trends have been changed dramatically in recent years in response to the technology introduced by market players. Buyer’s clients are very knowledgeable and have wide access to the industry using almost the same tools Realtors do, so why not share our commission with them in exchange for the reduced amount of work we do? The new system gives clients the opportunity to get discounts from the selling price, as the commission is built into the price and paid by the seller at closing.”

Giving his general thoughts on the real estate market, he stated that it is the belief of Pay Per Service Realty that the GTA market needs such solutions as a response to higher prices. He further clarified that a slowdown in price growth is totally different from a decrease in market price, also known as a market crash, which thus far is unlikely to happen in the GTA real estate market.