Top Reasons to Purchase Property in North York, Ontario

Top Reasons to Purchase Property in North York, Ontario

Moving, or buying property, isn’t an easy decision. Finding a neighborhood or city that’s just right for you is always a challenge, particularly if you have children. If you’re considering purchasing property in Toronto, or the Toronto metropolitan area, however, you’d be hard pressed to find a better spot than North York.

North York has a long history, and there’s been little to stop its growth into a major metropolitan hub. The “City with Heart” sits just north of Toronto city limits, but North York is no slouch. The suburb offers much in the way of entertainment, from shopping to fine dining –even a few unusual attractions. Eat at a Michelin-endorsed ramen shop, or drive through the nearby rainbow tunnel at Moccasin Trail Park. Take advantage of the area’s proximity to Old Toronto and Midtown, or explore a little of North York’s own abundant culture at the Aga Khan Museum.

Though it may be very much so part of Toronto’s metro area (and its booming tech industry), it also offers more suburban peace and quiet. The city encompasses a wide variety of neighborhoods-, whether you’re looking for a little more of the city’s hustle and bustle, or looking for great schools and picturesque homes. Whatever your needs, here’s why you might find yourself looking at North York.


Canada’s overall climate is characteristically cold, but Toronto is often saved from the worst of winter. The city and its adjacent areas sit on the shore of Lake Ontario, providing cooler summers and warmer winters, and thus making the Greater Toronto Area the more temperate choice of Canada’s major cities. Summers, however, are often humid, and snowy weather is still to be expected from December to March.

Cost and Quality of Living

It’s no secret that living in a city can be on the pricier side. Of North America’s major economic hubs and biggest tech cities, however, Toronto ranks as one of the more affordable globally. Other areas such as Richmond Hill rank ahead of North York for their housing affordability overall, but North York’s proximity to Toronto and, in some areas, small-town neighborhood feel is difficult to beat. North York’s private and public schools frequently rank among Toronto’s best, and the area is home to one of Toronto’s most beautiful parks, Edwards Gardens. Lower crime rates and the potential for a yard to spend Sunday afternoons in make it even more appealing of an option for a new family home. Luckily, too, you won’t be stuck in traffic driving to and from your home in North York–the Greater Toronto Area’s public transit system has been ranked one of the world’s best.

The Toronto area overall has a fairly low unemployment rate, thanks to the many companies that call it home. The metropolitan area also ranks among the largest tech cities, with one of the highest concentrations of tech and IT companies.


You’ll find things to do in every neighborhood of North York, but there’s a few things you’ll want to know before you settle on one particular place.

Don Mills is by far one of North York’s most bustling areas, with entertainment centers, shopping, and some of the area’s most well-known (and best-loved) landmarks. Meanwhile, Hoggs Hollow offers all the storybook elegance and rustic charm of an English village. Downsview is by far one of Toronto’s largest suburban neighborhoods, featuring Toronto’s only national urban park. You’ll find plenty to love in each neighborhood, but research carefully–North York’s neighborhoods range from quiet villages to upscale cityscapes, so do your reading to be sure one particular neighborhood is right for you.

Things to Do

The Toronto area has long been known for its diversity and culture, and North York is no exception. North York has an abundance of fine dining options, such as Auberge du Pommier, the area’s premier French restaurant, and the Dumpling Shop, Toronto’s best hole-in-the-wall. You’re not likely to find a better place for dining than in Don Mills, but you’re bound to find top-notch dining in any North York neighborhood.

Yonge Street will likely be at the top of your must-sees–and if it isn’t, it should be. The street is home to York University’s campus, as well as the Toronto Centre for the Arts, a performing arts center featuring Broadway shows, live orchestras and more. It’s also one of Toronto’s best places to stroll (or, in some cases, drive). Closer to Central North York, you’ll see the area’s cultural hubs. Meanwhile, a drive down Yonge Street toward the York Mills neighborhood will take to Toronto’s very own Millionaire’s Row–Bridle Path, an upscale neighborhood that impresses with some of the Toronto area’s most well-appointed homes.

The area also has two of Toronto’s major shopping malls, the upscale Yorkdale Shopping Center and the Bayview Village Shops. Book a two-hour consultation with Yorkdale’s own in-house stylists, or simply stroll the center’s modern corridors to shop luxury brands.

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