1- The Top Performance Realtor:         

Pros: This Realtor might have experience more than others due to the high volume of transactions completed.

Cons: This Realtor might be too busy to handle your transaction whether it is listing or buying, and, most probably, this means that your transaction will be passed to one of the team members with less experience. Besides that, the volume might decide the level of service provided.


2-The Realtor Who Has Spent a Lot of Dollars on Ads:

Pros: They are easy to find and very visible to the public due to the Ads.

Cons: No real benefit to the client, in addition to being misleading or over-promising by some extreme Ads.


3-The Experienced Realtor:

Pros: They have long time serving clients, and are very good assets overall.

Cons: Experience doesn’t eliminate the risk of dishonesty since the Realtors track records and history is not available on public domain.


4-The Realtor Referred to You:

Pros: He/she might be trusted as he/she was referred to you by someone you may trust or someone whom the realtor had closed a deal for.

Cons: It might be unclear and not convincing enough, especially if the person who referred you to the Realtor had very easy and smooth transaction without any challenge, so the Realtor was not under tough situation to show some values and moral principles over making money.


5-The Realtor Who is Ranked Highly on the Internet

Pros: They are easy to find and very visible to the public due to the Ads.

Cons: We don’t know the Realtor’s track record, experience, and moral principle, and you can’t count on Ads, Google Review or Yelp since they can be manipulated. Besides, Google cannot be reachable to verify the credibility of the Realtor unlike Better Business Bureau (BBB), who may verify the member and deal with any complaints by clients.


6-The Realtor Who Sold the Property Next Door:

Pros: The good news is that you have witnessed the transaction.

Cons:  The Realtor selling in a short time doesn’t mean he/she got the magic. This is because we know that the process depends on a number of factors such as the market, pricing, and the property itself.


7-The Bragging Realtor with a Luxury Lifestyle:

Pros: Good for Realtor, as you might get some confidence of success.

Cons: This might be delusional and a tool to impress the client to get business done without the implementation of due diligence on the Realtor’s track records.


8-The “Don’t Worry” Realtor:

Pros: You will hear what you want from the Realtor, which makes you happy for the moment like: “don’t worry, I will sell your property with the highest price in the market in no time” or “I will get you the cheapest and the best price possible in the market because I got connections.”

Cons: This Realtor would be the least to deliver. He/she simply uses some high scores and numbers to impress clients in order to get into a service or representation agreement as soon as possible.


9-The Realtor Who Provides Free Evaluation & Staging Services:

Pros: It’s always good to get free services, especially the home staging.

Cons: Home price evaluation is easy to produce by any Realtor since MLS provides most of the Data, and it costs nothing to prepare a report, and the sold data will be available to the public in the shortest time; however, home staging might cost thousands of dollars in the market. Therefore, no Realtor would provide this free service even if the Realtor owns the business unless he/she always gets into long term listing contract with the seller and charges high listing fees that might reach 2.5-3.0% for listing plus 2.5% for buyer agents, meaning 5.0% and more overall.


10-The Realtor with Discount in Commission:

Pros: This Realtor seems to be very reasonable since he/she is sharing commission with clients.

Cons:  This Realtor might be desperate for business, and, without outlining the scope of work against the discount in commission or cash back rebate in writing in advance, might fail to deliver; therefore, this might be a great trap to get you stuck with a contract.



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Please note that it is not PPS Realty’s intention to offend or accuse any legitimate and trustworthy brokerages or agents by the above statements. We, however, feel compelled to share our experiences with buyers and sellers in order to spread public awareness as well as to avoid scam in our industry for better consumer protection. The end goal of this article is to increase the level of public awareness & confidence in Realtors.